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Copy of Copy of Copy of Pineapple Patter

Meet the Characters

Copy of Copy of Copy of Pineapple Patter




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Good thing Eric’s name means “brave ruler”! He teaches his curious new pals without fear. He’ll travel to the end of the earth and beyond for a good time! 

Funniest breakfast food:


Nashira is one of a group of stars in space that represents an animal. With a name that means “bearer of good news,” you can always count on her to teach others what she’s learned. 


Least favorite food:

Clowns; they taste funny.

Neptune isn’t only the coldest planet in the solar system, it’s also the name of the coolest alien on the spaceship. Neptune is super chill and always wears his signature headphones, skateboard, and sunglasses.  

Favorite chocolate:

Mars bar


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Alpha is not only the name of the brightest star in any group of stars (constellation), she has serious boss vibes. She enjoys making lists and having fun is always in the plan.  


Favorite kind of music:


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