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Do you like to make new friends? 

Well, Eric does too!

Maybe we'll all learn new things with an

out-of-this-world crew!

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Jasmine Ward, First Magazine

Alison Green, The ABC Blog

Sam Donald, Teacher


"I loved the book. I kept reading it over and over again. It was very well put together...I could feel the excitement through the page."

“No Aliens Before Breakfast, by Jo'Ana Morgan, is a children's book that opens children's imagination to a world aboard an alien spacecraft. My kids loved the poetic way in which the book is written.  They also could easily visualize themselves as the main character in the book throughout the adventure. I rate No Aliens Before Breakfast 5 stars due to its ability to take the kids on an adventure out of this world. “

“No aliens before breakfast is a cute twist on a kid having a big imagination. I highly recommend.”